Stretching by Adrian Montesinos

adrianmAs tennis involves a lot of repetitive motions stretching should become an intergral part of your training.

Flexibility training may decrease the occurences of muscle imbalance, joint dysfunction and overuse injuries. Flexibility training takes on 3 different phases- corrective, active and functional. We will concentrate on corrective flexibility. This is designed to improve muscle imbalances and altered joint motion.

Static stretching is the traditional form of stretching which is seen in most sports today. It involves holding your stretch for between 20-30 secs at a time. You can use this form of stretching before and after activity to bring your muscles back to their original state.

I have listed below some tennis specific stretches for you to build into your routine. Its only 5 to 10 mins extra and it will add years onto your tennis career! If you’re not sure of any i mention feel free to ask any of the coaches or if you suffer from any stiffness or aches and pain. From the feet and working up Achilles, hamstrings, adductors, quadriceps, hip-flexors, lumbar flex,lumbar extensions,lumbar rotations,shoulder-horizontal adduction &internal rotation, wrist flexion for range of motion. You are ready to hit! Adrian is a qualified NASM Personal Trainer.

Adrian Montesinos

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