Parents Do’s and Dont’s

Do Not

  • Do not  dramatize your child’s match defeats
  • Do not excessively glorify a victory, however you should enjoy it
  • Do not intervene during a match
  • Do not add stress to the existing competition
  • Do not accept bad behavior
  • Do not fix unreachable targets
  • Do not add unplanned training sessions
  • Do not use irony and sarcasm to motivate your child
  • Do not compare the results of your child with his/her fellow players
  • Do not put your child on a pedestal
  • Do not beat up your child on the efforts you make for him


  • Focus on performance rather than results 
  • Develop his/her sportsmanship – teach them to fight whilst respecting their opponents
  • Progressively develop the autonomy of your child
  • Support, without intervening, in matches
  • Praise your child when he/she shows positive attitude or good behavior
  • Stay positive after a defeat; your role is to encourage
  • Respect your child’s opponents and their parents 
  • Listen to your child and let him/her speak openly about their matches
  • Keep the joy of competition in your child
  • Keep motivation by providing sufficient rest periods
  • Realize that tennis is your child’s responsibility not yours
  • Encourage the practice of other sports
  • Trust your coach