Hong Kong International School (HKIS)

OTR employs internationally qualified professionals in each of our centres in order to provide the highest quality instruction to our clients.

As of 2021 we have moved to the middle school campus to 2 new rebound ace floodlit courts.

Our HKIS programme caters for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School and High School children (ages 4-17yrs ).

Group classes run on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

All of our group classes follow the OTR color system which is in sync with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) development progressions.

The OTR key principles of:

  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Commitment

along with the OTR  motto “Play with pride, win with character. “ is instilled into every player thats walks on the HKIS courts.

Our team is proud to be teaching the HKIS Varsity, JV and Middle school teams since 2011.

Private lessons are also available every day of the week and open to the public, not just HKIS students.


For Who:

  • Group lessons for children 4-16yrs
  • Private lessons for children and adults (beginner to elite level)
  • HKIS Students & public

Lesson schedule:

  • 4-9pm weekdays
  • 7am- 7pm Saturdays
  • 7am- 4pm Sundays


Lessons By:

  • OTR Team coaches led by Head Coach Adrian Montesinos
  • Assistant Pro Edz Balanga

For more information and online sign ups email adrian@otrtennis.com

2017/18 New Term Weekly Schedule