Chinese International School (CIS)

OTR Tennis Asia Limited has been running various programmes at CIS over the last few years
and we are looking forward to another great year ahead of us.


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Registration is done internally through the CIS’s Moongate system.

These classes help develop the essential foundations of solid technique in a fun, positive environment. (Years 3-6).


Trials are almost completed and we look forward to coaching all the CIS tennis teams starting from September 12th 2017.

  • Division 1 Boys: HKTC 4-5PM every Tuesday.
  • Division 2 Boys: HKTC 4-5PM every Wednesday.
  • Division 3 Boys & Girls: Every Wednesday on the CIS school courts.
  • Division 1 & 2 Girls: HKTC 4-5PM every Thursday.

CIS enrollments can be done directly through the Moongate system implemented by CIS.

Certificate day for our CIS Little legends. Well done everyone