GSIS Tennis


The GSIS program has recently moved to another level with the help of the school and some inspiring support from alumni. OTR had trials to select the most elite players that GSIS had to offer to train with OTR and compete in the ISSFHK individual primary schools competition. OTR hand picked 12 players consisting of boys and girls, most of which had tournament experience. The training regime was intense based, around technique, point construction, doubles strategy and fitness. GSIS had some pleasing results in the competition with all players gaining valuable match experience.

The focus changed in Term 2 to training and development. OTR  selected players who had less coaching experience with the goal of helping these kids to the next level in their development. The training and developments squads sole purpose was based around building confidence on court and the technical side of the game. The GSIS kids have been a pleasure to work with, we have seen the kids make great gains. OTR will continue to work on development for term 3.

Ryan Callaghan and Aike Mosqueda

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