Andy’s Tip- The Double Handed Backhand

Key Points.

  • Racquet Head Below the ball
  • Maximum weight transfer

Just before your opponent makes contact with the ball,split step, on the balls of your feet, knees relaxed and start tracking the ball. There are 2 ways to get the racquet head below the ball, the first is preparing with a “loop” in the backswing, the other is straight back and racquet head up at shoulder height. Drop the hands and racquet head in a fluent motion so the racquet head is below the wrist. you are now ready to brush up the back of the ball and impart topspin. Both backswings are correct and the pros do both. Find out which backswing works for you?. You should turn from the hips and pivot your feet to get hips and shoulders side on to the ball. Hands and arms are relaxed and not totally straight. Your butt of the racquet is pointing towards your opponent and you are ready to drive onto the front foot. This movement is just before you are about to commence your follow through. A lot of players i see set up too early and can’t transfer any weight on impact. The key is to have small shuffle steps before follow through and drive onto the front foot just before your point of impact. You are now ready to begin your follow through.Lead with the left hand with arms still relaxed (for right handers) and follow through over your right shoulder finishing the swing with elbows high hips have rotated and butt of the racquet pointing at you opponent

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