OTR Winter Singles Tournament February 11 HKTC

Matches will start at 4pm.

Players are requested to be at the courts ready to play 15 min before their match

Players will be forfeited after 15 min if they fail to report when called upon

All matches up to semi finals will be 1 set, sudden death deuce, tie breaker at 5 all – sudden death at 6 all

Semi finals and finals will be a pro set first to 8,sudden death deuce, tie breaker at 7 all – sudden death at 6 all


Court 1                Court 2                Court 3                        Court 4

4pm   Samir vs Ali          Daniel vs Adit      Karen vs Matthew.Y        Bryce vs Marcus

4:30   Henry vs Keri       Chet vs Matt.N    Mark vs Valarie               Melvin vs India

5pm   David vs Rachel    Yul vs Kieran       Stephan vs Kyle              Sabrina vs Max

5:30  Sewon vs Dhruv     Marshall vs Billy   Chris vs Bryan                Shiv vs TBC

6pm   Nicole vs TBC      TBC vs TBC         Pierre vs TBC                  Victor vs TB

6:30   John vs TBC        TBC vs TBC        Vikram vs TBC                 Ben vs Vishal

7pm   William vs TBC     Samson vs Nic.H   Nick.F vs TBC               Filip vs TBC

7:30  Allan vs TBC         Ryan vs Hayden     Alester vs TBC


Please note that last matches will be scheduled at 830pm. Check your draw time with the coach in charge for further matches before you leave



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