Over the past month OTR has conducted and completed 4 great junior events. It was great to see so many students participate, and the spirit of these Sunday events was exceptional. Here are all our winners and runner’s up from the 4 events.

Look out for more great OTR Junior Series Singles Events, coming up in September 2013.

W- Charlie Weisberg (Left)                                          W- Dhruve Malhotra (Right)
R/U- Arnold Cheng (Right)                                          R/U- Shiv Malhotra  (Left)
8/U                                                                                          14/U

JasonSankeyOTRJuniorsLeft                    JasonSankeyOTRJuniorsRight


W- Melchior Delloye (Right)                                 W- Kate Zhang (Right)

R/U- Adit Gorawara (Left)                                    R/U- Audrey Yeung (Left)

                12/U                                                  10/U

12U_Tournament              OTRTaiTam

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