OTR’s Little Legends group is proving to be a great success. From 5-7pm every Friday, we have kids as young as 5 now playing tennis. The group is run by Graeme Foster, Adrian M and the introduction of Craig Cole. I have watched the gorup and was so impressed with the energy and, in particular – the 5 year olds. Harrison Chiu hitting mini tennis balls with perfection. At OTR, we believe in giving all our kids goals and the ability to move up a group or level as they progress. From Little Legends they move to our Monday group from 5-7 once they can serve and play points, then to a Wed group where fitness begins to play a more key role, and finally onto our elite groups on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays . Last year we promoted Arnold San from a Wednesday group to one of our Elite groups on Tuesdays because of his great improvement. Jaque Liu was another kid who we saw great potential in. He now participates in our Saturday group, which involves 2 hours of tennis combined with an intense hour of fitness training with our OTR Fitness Advisor, Jim Corrigal. We strongly believe that certain elements combined together can bring out the greatest potential in a child: Energy; confidence; motivation; effort; attitude and most importantly, fun! Please feel free contact us if you want to be a part of what’s happening.

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