Seasons End

This is the last term before school breaks for the summer and its time for our end of year tournaments for players, with the winners and Runners Up moving up groups. With so much wet weather we have been unable to finsh many of the tournaments organised. With one group finished and others praying for some dry weather so they can be completed we have winners of our little legends group.

Congratulations to the winner Chivika and Noah, who both have made substantial improvements over the past 6 months. This was evident as both players were a level above in the tournament.


Well done to our Winners Luke and Jack who also won their little legends tournament. Jack came from behind to score big with some inspirational rallying with the coach to pick up enough points to take R/U.   Coach Andy presented the medals.

“We Say Goodbye”

Hong Kong is such a transient place and each year we welcome new players and sadly say Goodbye to some who leave the HKSAR to take up residence and hopefully keep up their tennis careers somewhere else.

This year we say farewell and good luck to

The Schiffmans- USA, Qians-Beijing, Feagins-USA, Gallaghers, Jacksons, and the boarding school kids- Jangho Ro, SJ Kim, Justin Suh, James Gibson,

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