Christmas clinic, 20th-23rd December

We will use 2 venues for our christmas clinic from 20th- 23rd Decemeber. Below is the players list and where they will play.
HKTC- Coaches, Adrian, Matthew, Jim,Randy.

Alex, Emily,Josh, Oliver, Zachary, Cara, Kate, India, Jack, Alistair,Davis,Ryan,Michael.

Aberdeen Tennis Centre-Coaches, Graeme, Jason, Sean,Andy.

Mark, Eric, Joshua, Keiran, Ken, Hagan,Bryan, Nicole, Kyle, Marcus, Sabrina, Sewon, Marshall, Halishia, Vishal, Gloria, Justin,Vincent.

In case of inclement weather on the day please text Adrian (HKTC) 97569843 and Graeme(ATC) 62741551 at 8am for confirmation of starting time and whether play will go ahead.

There are still places available for both OTR Clinics and you can register by emailing Adora at

Seeya on court.

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