OTR is very excited to welcome Taivo to our team. Originally from Estonia, Taivo moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago to work as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

Taivo has been working with OTR’s Invitational juniors for two months now and has tailored a programme to help these kids reach their athletic potential both on and off the court.

We look forward to bringing Taivo on board with some of our ladies teams after the summer holiday and he will be available for private or group sessions with adults and kids.

How Taivo can help you:

  • Weight loss to improve appearance and apply less stress on joints on and off the court. (NASM certified weight-loss specialist; Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach).
  • Strength and conditioning specifically for tennis players as well as any other sport or general health.
  • Improve endurance, power and speed
  • Core strength and coordination to reduce injury
  • Improve flexibility and mobility.
  • Worked with both professional and amateur athletes in various sports over the last 8 years.

Taivo’s Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences; BSc Physical Education. Tallinn University, Estonia.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification. Hong Kong.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Weight Loss Specialist. Hong Kong.
  • First Aid and CPR Certification. St. John Hospital. Hong Kong.
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.