Invitational B & C Rankings Ladder

Our OTR invitational classes have gone from strength to strength over the last two terms. We have 14 players in our C program and 15 players in our Invitational B program.
During April and May we will hold singles match play to determine the players ranking from 1-14.

The format:
3 round robin groups chosen randomly

Day 1 April 18 . Round robin group matches to determine positions 1-5 in each box 

Day 2 May 23 . Players will play against their equal standing opponent in the other two box groups.
Players will the have  rankings from 1-14.

Day 3 May 30. Players challenge a player up to 2 positions above their current ranking . Players will play 3 matches on this day.

After Day 3 matches each player will have a ranking 1-14 in our Inv B & C groups.
PLEASE NOTE- If players are unavailable on any given day they will be placed at the bottom of their box or ranking position.

Dates –  April 18, May 23, May 30.
Time – 6pm-9pm HKTC 
Format – 1set first to 6 games sudden death deuce – Tie breaker first to 5 points at 6 games all.
Cost – $700 for all 3 dates – To sign up please enroll here via TMT
The players ranked 1 & 2 in each Invitational group will receive a Trophy and players pack.images

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